Religious Symbols Empower Social Activism: Reflection on Luke 3:10-18

By Nestor Ravilas

John Rawls’ second principle of justice says, in effect, that the increase in wealth of the rich is justified as long as there is a commensurate increase in the life of the poor. Commendable theoretical innovation, defective on many points, however. Firstly, it was an ugly admittance that equality for all is impossible to achieve. Secondly, it is a cowardly solution trying not to antagonize anyone, And lastly, wishing the poor to increase their economic condition, while keeping a status quo on the rich’s drive to accumulate more will only suck the earth down to its bottom of all its natural resources. John Rawls hopes through this he might inspire cooperation among humans, only to put everything in jeopardy by hastening environmental collapse.
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