The Primacy of Ethics in Christian Education

by Nestor Ravilas

They are re-posting every fake news available in the net. Call their attention on such impropriety and they would just shrug off their shoulders, then, tomorrow they would parade again another set of fake news from malicious sources. They love joining the throng in maligning those perceived enemies of the state. They are always ready to assist in everything they can in disseminating malicious rumors. And worst, they applaud and encourage the brutal killing of suspected addicts as if addiction is the most irreversible and irredeemable pathology this world could have, unmindful, on the other hand, of true and injurious criminals who are roaming free and unscathed simply because they are friends to the power. And just recently, they are up to provide biblical support on the reactivation of capital punishment, a legalized form of killing. These are professing Christians, known as leaders of both big and small religious congregations, Bible believing people. And that is the twist of this show!

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