President Duterte’s Stupid Theologians

By Nestor Ravilas
His theological knowledge is impressive. Against the dominating theology, he was audacious enough to express his unpopular opinion. He was able to read the time well. The end of totalizing epistemology is waning down and the dawn of plurality of knowledges has already made its way in the horizon early in 20th century. This is how these theologians appraised the latest fulmination of the president. As if the occasion where the president unleashed his tirade is a theological forum where participants of other opinions were present to counter him. As if a levelled table was set where one can engage the president in theological debate.

Despite the ploy of these theologians to reduce what took place in that stage that monumental day into theological musing which is actually not, it remains an stupid strategy. There was no debate that ensued regarding original sin and other details of creation story. It was all alone the president standing there and making fun of one’s faith and hope. It was a complete tirade, an attack, and cowardly insult against those who hold (including non-catholic) the creation God dearly.

These theologians are either missing the point or shamefully providing an escape route again for the president as they have been doing since June of 2016. Their display of erudition in explaining those doctrines touched by the president is an obvious attempt to provide cover for the president. Such attempt comes to its nauseating point when they proposed that what the president called as stupid God is the distorted God. Proposing therefore that the president who has no respect of the life, especially of the poor and the weak, who kills and encourage killings, who looks down on women, and many more shenanigans that only demons could do, has a better idea now of a true God. Indeed, as given a cue by these theologians, he claimed days after that his God is the perfect one. Hence, we have now a new high priest that mediate between God and (wo)men, the one who comes to kill, to lie, and to destroy! Ano na Pilipinas?!